Before Beauty; first four verses

My mother cooked up spells upon our kitchen hearth

Sweet smells they taunted me

Sung a sirens song upon the sugary draft

I took a spell that was not mine

ran from her ginger bread house

hid in my thorny castle

A witches curse upon my mouth


The witch fought against the current

Her spell a riptide sea

I sat and listened at her door

dark shadows begins to linger in her breath

Harsh whispers rolled in and out on uneven tides

It rasped against the broken vessel

Ebbed away and died


My mothers life was forfeit, a price I felt to high

I cried a world of tears for her

But pushed the guilt aside

I trapped those dark emotions

I kept them in a wooden shell

Locked and trapped they festered

Brewed hatred in my heart.


My father sent for a governess to curb my reckless acts

Someone who could teach me

and find the light within the dark

When they came emotions erupted

Clashed upon the hearth

The place beside my father filled by another

Twisted sisters take my part

Private View

Private view today! Come and see what I've been working on for the last year and also see some fantastic work from other illustrators, artists and designers! Hope to see you there!

Hanging The Show

The show is coming soon! Expectations are running high and the standard of work is impeccable this year with fantastic illustrations by Maike Neuendorff, Grace Attlee, Fuchunzhi and Zoe Zhang... go find them on instagram you won't be disappointed!

Having prepped the rooms the day before it was amazing to see my illustrations finally on the wall. It's been a long time in the making. Here you can see a sneak glimpse of whats in store... to see more you'll have to come to the private view on Thursday the 13th July 6pm till 9pm at Camberwell College, 1 Wilson Rd, Camberwell, London SE5 8LU, UK or come by 10am -5pm until the 19th July.

Hope to see you there!

With a little help from the husband...

With a little help from the husband...