I am a writer of small tall tales, an illustrator of ugly beautiful things and mother of mini Boudicca's.

I have my head firmly in the clouds and hopefully will never come down.

My Story

I have taken a long time to find that thing that I love and want to do for ever. I come from a background in fashion design and whilst I still love to make clothing I found myself daydreaming and creating stories in my head far more then I made garments.

My writing started out as small stories for my niece and nephew, then later for my own children. It became an obsession. With it came images of how these worlds looked and breathed and worked. The images and writing worked back and forth within my mind until I knew I had to put them somewhere as my head was becoming quite cluttered with imaginary realms, characters and narratives. I decided to get some help and landed at Camberwell University studying on an MA illustration course at London's UAL under the tutelage of Janet Woolley and Andrew Foster (Foz).

Before Beauty is the book I created whilst there. I hope it is the first of many.